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Sparkle Collection of Fitbit Flex Covers

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Sparkle Collection of Fitbit Flex Covers


The Design.UX™ Sparkle Collection of Fitbit Flex covers.

Designed to cover a Fitbit wristband in designer stretch fabric. Be unique and comfortable wearing your tracker in any social situation.

  • Three covers in a single package.

  • Specially designed and tailored to cover Fitbit Flex wristbands.

  • Stretch fabric pulls tightly over your fitness bracelet for an individual look.

  • The fabric is soft and allows for a comfortable sleep.

  • Prevents uncomfortable rashes.

  • Prevents your Fitbit bracelet from falling off.

  • Protects your Fitbit from scratches and UV damage.

The Design.UX™ Sparkle Collection  - Silver, Dark Grey and White

Does not include a Fitbit Flex bracelet. Not affiliated with Fitbit Inc.

We offer free shipping to anywhere in the world.  

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