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Suite 3502, 433-11TH AVE SE
Calgary, AB, T2G 0C7



Wearable computing devices like fitness tracking bracelets are often unfashionable. We make fitness tracker covers for the Fitbit Flex and JawboneUP and UP24. Design.UX makes fitness bracelets fashionable. Manufactured in Calgary, Alberta, Canada by women, for women. 

Our Best Fitbit Cover Ever

Jim Letourneau

We are excited about our latest line of fashion covers for Fitbit Charge and Charge HR trackers. We've sourced a durable mesh fabric that allows the Fitbit screen to be visible (but not obvious) when you want it to be. We've also added extra stitching to prevent fraying. These look great, feel great and let you use all the features of your Fitbit Charge HR!