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Wearable computing devices like fitness tracking bracelets are often unfashionable. We make fitness tracker covers for the Fitbit Flex and JawboneUP and UP24. Design.UX makes fitness bracelets fashionable. Manufactured in Calgary, Alberta, Canada by women, for women. 

Fitbit on a Vacation

Jim Letourneau

Julia and I have been travelling for many weeks now and I'm impressed with how she religiously checks her Fitbit Charge HR. At the top of every flight of stairs or at a rest stop on a steep incline, she'll be checking her heart rate and step/stair count. I tend to wait until the end of the day to check my steps. I guess everyone is going to have a different approach to tracking their activity.

We've been in airports for two days in a row and there can be more steps than expected. More on that soon!

Hiking in Santorini