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Suite 3502, 433-11TH AVE SE
Calgary, AB, T2G 0C7



Wearable computing devices like fitness tracking bracelets are often unfashionable. We make fitness tracker covers for the Fitbit Flex and JawboneUP and UP24. Design.UX makes fitness bracelets fashionable. Manufactured in Calgary, Alberta, Canada by women, for women. 

Dress.Ups and Fitbit Fashion News

Jim Letourneau

The new Tory Burch line of high-end accessories for the Fitbit Flex has created a great buzz. Our sales and web traffic have increased dramatically as our well established line of Dress.Ups for the Fitbit Flex, Jawbone UP and UP24 gets noticed in the wave of excitement. Our happy customers keep giving us amazing feedback (see our testimonials page)

People want variability with their wearables and there are going to be 100's of different ways for owners of fitness tracking devices to customize and accessorize them. We've noticed several new entrants into the wearable customization market which has validated our evolution from idea, to prototype, to a successful Kickstarter campaign and finally a small business that is creating employment for women in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

We're showing up in organic Google searches that include keywords like Fitbit and fashion and we're noticing our product getting mentioned as a more "affordable alternative" on web forums. 

We are just getting started!