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Wearable computing devices like fitness tracking bracelets are often unfashionable. We make fitness tracker covers for the Fitbit Flex and JawboneUP and UP24. Design.UX makes fitness bracelets fashionable. Manufactured in Calgary, Alberta, Canada by women, for women. 

How to Put on a Design.UX™ Fitbit Flex Cover

Jim Letourneau

We are creating a series of videos on how to use our Jawbone and Fitbit Flex accessories. We've posted our Jawbone UP video on our FAQ and the others will be up shortly. We've noticed that our customers have some struggles with putting their covers on their Fitbit Flex. We walked through a few steps and hacks with a recent customer and thought the information was worthy of sharing.

The end result looks GREAT!

The end result looks GREAT!

Thanks for this - I received a package yesterday but they appear to be for the Jawbone.  The covers are long and thin and labeled M/L.   They don't remotely fit on the Fitbit.

Were the wrong ones sent?



I apologize for the confusion on the packaging. I can confirm that you have received the correct product. We have just shot some videos showing how to put on our Design.UX™ covers. The one for Fibit Flex should be up any day but even this video showing the Jawbone might help you. 

(I can tell you that the video for putting on the Fitbit Flex cover lasts about 2 minutes so they do require more patience)

The trick to getting these on is that the material is very stretchy. Don't be afraid to really pull as you thread the Fitbit Flex bracelet through the cover. It can take a couple of minutes to thread the cover on but the end result looks great. If the material was loose it wouldn't have the nice finished look. One hack that some of our customers use is to pre-stretch the fabric using a table knife or a big sharpie. 

Please give them a serious try and if you are unhappy with them, you can return them.

Thanks again for your purchase


Thanks.  I couldn't even get it over the end of the Fitbit band as it seems way too small.  I'll try stretching it more.

Also, the cover length is several inches longer than my Fitbit.  Can I trim this?


You have a couple of options with the excess material. You can fold it back on itself to tidy it up or you can trim them with scissors. We heat treat the ends to prevent fraying so you might find the ends fray a little over time. If that happens you can always re-trim (A hair dryer isn't quite hot enough to heat treat the ends yourself and I can't recommend that you use an open flame on your Design.UX™ cover).

Let me know how you make out


Worked.  But what happens when I need to charge the battery (every few days) - do I have to take the whole thing off again or can I cut a slit in it to allow this?  

What are others doing?



That looks fantastic! I'm glad you didn't give up. Unfortunately you do have to pull the cover off to recharge your tracker. 

Fortunately, taking them off a Design.UX™ cover is easier. While they still take some time to put back on, now that your cover is stretched and you've mastered how to pull them on, things should go a bit more smoothly. 

Have a great day!

PS We are launching a new product called a Pendant Pouch which is much easier to use. I've attached a couple of photos. We don't have them up on our website yet.